BOYUEDA S3-11 38Ah 6000W 60V Oil Brake 11 Inch Electric Scooter

BOYUEDA S3-11 38Ah 6000W 60V Oil Brake 11 Inch Electric Scooter 120-150Kg Max Load 100Km Range

Unleash Maximum Power with Our 6000W Electric Scooter

Prepare to experience unmatched power and excitement with our high-performance electric scooter. Equipped with a robust 6000W double wheel motor, this scooter delivers incredible strength and ensures you can conquer any terrain with ease. Get ready to elevate your riding experience and enjoy the thrill of unbeatable power.

Extended Mileage with High-Capacity Battery

Say goodbye to range anxiety with our upgraded 38Ah 60V Li-ion battery. With this large capacity battery included in the product, you can enjoy a maximum mileage of up to 100km on a single charge. Feel confident exploring the city or venturing off the beaten path, knowing that your scooter can take you further.

Convenient Folding Design for Easy Portability

Designed with convenience in mind, our electric scooter features a quick folding design. This allows you to effortlessly fold and carry the scooter in your car trunk or take it with you on public transportation. Enjoy the freedom to go wherever you please and easily transport your scooter for on-the-go adventures.

Durable and Sturdy Construction

Crafted with an aluminum alloy shell, our electric scooter offers exceptional durability and reliability. With a maximum payload capacity of 120-150kg, it can accommodate both adults and teenagers, making it perfect for fun and recreational use. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a scooter built to withstand your active lifestyle.

Upgrade Iteration Highlights

  1. Enhanced Battery Capacity: We have upgraded the original 28AH battery to a larger 38AH capacity. This improvement ensures longer battery life and allows you to ride for extended distances without worrying about running out of power.
  2. More Powerful Motor: Our scooter now boasts a 6000W motor, a significant upgrade from the original 5600W motor. This enhancement provides even more power for climbing steep hills and tackling challenging terrains with ease.
  3. Added Comfort with Detachable Seat: We have included a detachable seat for your convenience. Whether you're embarking on short commutes or long journeys, you have the option to comfortably sit and relax, freeing your feet for a more relaxed riding experience.

Experience the thrill and excitement of our upgraded 6000W electric scooter. With its impressive power, extended range, and convenient features, it's the perfect choice for riders seeking an exhilarating and versatile mode of transportation. Get ready to redefine your urban adventures and embrace the freedom of electric mobility.


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