Jinghma R3 Electric Bicycle 800W 48V 12.8AH 26 Inch Mountain Mtb Foldable Adult Fold Ebike Bike Electric Bicycle

Best Price Jinghma R3 Electric Bicycle 800W 48V 12.8AH 26 Inch Mountain Mtb Foldable Adult Fold Ebike Bike Electric Bicycle

Aluminum Alloy Frame
The Aluminum Alloy frame is made of durable 6061 ALUMINUM Alloy which is light and strong. Jinghma is using no rust corrosion resistance, anti-rust alloy frame. The frame structure is more ergonomic, stronger and comfortable.

3 Working Modes
Versatile and fun Jinghma R3 features cruise control and lets you swap between 3 working modes on the fly to maximize your travel distance and save battery life.
❶Pedal Assist Mode:The motor will assist your riding with a moderate amount of power while you are pedaling. In this mode, you can drive 70-80km for a 10.4Ah battery, and 80-90km for a 12.8Ah battery (related to the weight load) before you recharge.
❷Fully Electric Mode:You simply need to twist the throttle in any increments of power to control the motor power. With the full-electric model, you can go about 45km for a 10.4Ah battery, and 55km for a 12.8Ah battery.
❸Manual Mode: Pedal the electric bike as exercise or when it is out of battery.

Double Electric Braking System
Jinghma R3 is using a —double electric braking system, it can cut power while braking. The hydraulic disc brakes make your riding trip safe and efficient.

Shimano 21 speed
Jinghma R3 rear-wheel drive engine offers excellent torque and unique performance to improve and handle tough road conditions. It can easily reach a top speed of 40 km/h. The Shimano shift lever, crank and rear derailleur offer a soft and flexible 21-speed system.

Double Shock Absorbers
The strong high strength carbon steel suspension fork and the rear suspension ensure your smooth riding even on bumpy roads. Jinghma R3 offers cushioning and shock absorption even when driving on different terrains and is also very pleasant when driving.

350W Powerful Motor
The 48V350W brushless motor of Jinghma R3 provides strong power to enhance the joy of your riding journey. It can release the motor power effectively and offer a smooth operation, The is no magnetic resistance. With the functional controller, Jinghma R3 provides a fast and strong climbing ability. The maximum speed of the motor is 40km/h and the gradeability can reach 35° in common road conditions.

Built-in 48V 10.4Ah or 12.8Ah Lithium battery
48V 10.4Ah or 12.8Ah Waterproof Li battery can meet your riding needs when you are in long-distance cycling. Jinghma R3’s battery pack supports about 900 times the recharge cycle. The large capacity battery is easy to disassemble and can be recharged freely. It takes 5-7 hours from zero to full charge to support duration of 70-90 km under pedal assistance mode.

Smart Folding Portable Design
Jinghma R3 can fold down to a manageable 51” x 14.5” x 41” to make it easier to keep in a car or by your desk at work for true convenience.

Multifunction LCD screen
The multi-function LCD screen can display multiple data simultaneously, including monitor battery, speed, driving distance and gear setting. You can adjust the battery and motor power easily on the LCD screen while pedaling. The USB port allows you to charge the device at any time.

Emission-Free Traveling
This rechargeable, zero-emissions Jinghma R3 is a safer and more convenient way to get exercise and stay fit. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint for better environmental protection.

Enjoy The Journey

City Road/Country Road/Mountain Road

Strong And Unstoppable

Strong Power To Climb 30° Slopes Easily,
Saving Electricity And Labor During Daily Riding,
Making Long-distance Travel Easier.

Three Modes

Cycling Mode:No Electricity
Hybrid Mode:Power Bicycle Assisted Mode
Electric Mode:By Throttle

800W Motor

800w High Speed Motor, The Upgraded Model Provides
Stronger Electric Power With Speed Reaching Up To 45km/h.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

High Strength/Corrosion Resistant/Rust Resistant

Vector Control System

Fast Response/Stable Control/Powerful

Removable Larger Battery

Comes with 48V/12.8AH larger battery with larger cells
and longer lifetime, covering a range of 30-50+ Kilometer
per full charge.
Battery Weight:4KG

Multi-functional LCD Display

Fault Tips

21 Speed Shimano

Shimano 7-Speed
Shimano 3-Speed

Disc brake

Brake Power Off,Safe And Reliable

Double Shock Absorbers

Let You Ride The Bumpy Road

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