JINGHMA R7 Electric Bike 800W 48V 25.6AH Lithium-Batterie Men's Bike 4.0 Fat Tires Folding Electric Bicycle Adult Mountain Bike

JINGHMA R7 Electric Bike 800W 48V 25.6AH Lithium-Batterie Men's Bike 4.0 Fat Tires Folding Electric Bicycle Adult Mountain Bike

CST large fat tires
Because of its larger size, the fat tire has more and larger teeth, which makes it extremely grippy, and Jinghma R7 can effectively increase the friction, so as to ensure your safety and comfort on the road.

advanced shock absorbers
The large suspension with advanced shock absorbers has excellent shock absorption capacity, allowing you to pass through the steep road as smoothly and stable as sitting in a car.

800w brushless motor
The powerful motor has good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speed, so that it can provide large initial torque, and Jinghma R7 has high efficiency and strong overload capacity.

Removable lithium battery
There are two charging methods for lithium batteries, one can be disassembled to charge at home or office area, and the other is directly charged, but you don't need to worry about being stolen, because Jinghma R7 is a hidden battery, no one can find it its location. This allows you to choose the charging method according to your own situation to meet your various needs.

Clear HD display
Jinghma R7 is equipped with a high-definition LED display. Compared with ordinary displays, it has a long life and strong hardness, and will not easily crack or break the screen. At the same time, it generates less heat and will not be damaged by overheating cause safety problems.

Shimano 7 Speed Transmission
Jinghma R7 is using a wide-range Shimano 7-gear shifting to provide expert control on the electric bike. The ideal gear steps facilitate seamless transitions to perfectly match your terrain and riding style.

Three modes

Save power and effort

Three riding modes to meet your different needs

Cycling Mode / Hybrid Mode / Electric Mode

Cycling Mode

Turn off the power and ride the bike directly

Hybrid Mode

Electric bike pedal assist mode

Electric Mode

Use the throttle to drive on full power

Vector Control System

Fast Response/Stable Control/Powerful

800W motor

800w High Speed Motor, The Upgraded Model Provides

Stronger Electric Power With Speed Reaching Up To 45km/h.

Waterproof Level:IP54 / Rated Efficiency:≥82% / Rated Power:800

Multi-functional LCD Display

Brake Tips / Fault Tips / Power / Speed Mode / PowTrip ODO Time / USB Charging /Bacnk Ligh / Speed / Speed Loope / Gear

20X4.0-inch Fat Tire

Buffer and Anti-pothole

The wheel has a large contact

area with the ground, and the

ability to resist pits is stronger

Shimano 7-speed

Front Hydraulic brake +

EBS power-off brake

Rear Hydraulic brake +

EBS power-off brake

Double Shock Absorbers

Buffers the vibration and

Increase ride comfort

Simple control interface

The operating area has a switch, light, horn, indicator

and speed button. Even if you've never ridden an e-bike before,

you'll quickly learn all the functions.

Front Lights

High-brightness headlights illuminate

the road more clearly at night

Rear tail light

Turn on the headlights and the rear taillights will

come on at the same time. Can warn the vehicle behind.

Product configuration

parameters table

Frame:Aluminium Alloy

Front Fork:Aluminium Alloy


Speed:7 Speed SHIMANO

Motor:800w High Speed Brushless Motor

Display:Multi-functional LCD Display

Controller:Intelligent Vector Controller

Brake:Hydraulic Brake

Axis:Seal Axial

Max Load:About 200 Kg

Rims:Magnesium alloy wheels

Charging Time:4 To 6 Hours

Max Climbing Angle:30°~40°

Weight:30kg( With Battery )

Removable Larger Battery
Covering a range of 30-50+ miles per full charge.
Removable battery, convenient to bring home
or office to recharge.
4KG Battery weight

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