JINGHMA R7 Electric Bicycle 800W Electric Bike

JINGHMA R7 Electric Bicycle 800W 48v 12.8ah lithium battery 20 inch folding ebike 4.0 fat tire electric bike e bike adult Bikes Foldable

Motor: 800WBattery: 48V12.8A
Speed: 0-45KM/h
Brake: oil brake (according to purchase configuration)
The cruising range of a single battery is about 50KM
Maximum load: 180KG
Headlights: LED headlights + LED taillights
Bell: electronic bell
Screen: color screen
Shimano transmission: 7-speed transmission

JINGHMA R7 Electric Bicycle 800W Electric Bike

The electric bicycle R7 adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy frame. The battery is built into the frame of the frame, which not only saves space, but also makes the bicycle's exterior design more attractive, while also ensuring its safety and durability. The operating area is equipped with switches, lights, horns, indicator lights and speed buttons. Even if you have never ridden an electric bike before, you can learn all the functions quickly. The R7 is foldable and easy to carry, and fits in the trunk of most touring cars. Cycling to watch games and concerts can also help you avoid traffic jams and reach your destination quickly. During the holidays, cycling trips with friends or family are also a pleasure.

The electric bicycle R7 is equipped with a double-disc oil brake and a power-off system. When you brake, the electric bicycle will cut off the power and turn on the braking system. Let the electric bicycle stop quickly to ensure driving safety. The R7 uses a dual shock absorption system with a 20*4.0 inch fat tire, which allows the vehicle to have a good shock absorption effect on daily roads, and can better adapt to various road conditions such as snow, highways, beaches, and mountains.

Dual battery life 100KM

Long-lasting battery life escorts complex terrain,
making riding more fun

48V12.8Ah Built-in hidden battery

Portable and detachable, charge anywhere

Three modes Save power and effort

Three riding modes to meet your different needs
Manpower model
Power-assisted mode
Electric mode

Three riding modes

Human mode: don't turn on the power, ride like a bicycle

Power-assisted mode: starting power supply, driving by riding and electric energy

Electric mode: power driven forward

JINGHMA R7 Electric Bicycle 800W Electric Bike

DC high speed engine

800W high power engine, waterproof, dustproof, noise reduction, high torque, strong power.
30 ° escalada

Stability controller

Vector control system, high-speed and
precise control of energy output


USB display
back ligh
speed loope
fault display
speed mode

4.0 inch wide tires Buffer and Anti-pothole

The wheel has a large contact area with the ground, and the ability to resist pits is stronger

Shimano 7 speed / EBS power-off oil brake

Shimano 7-speed
Front oil brake EBS
Rear oil brake EBS

Double shock absorption system

Greatly buffer the bicycle vibration and
ride comfortably

JINGHMA R7 Electric Bicycle 800W Electric Bike

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