TESGO Hummer-S Electric Bike for Adults 750W Electric Bicycle

Electric Bike for Adults 750W 30MPH Hummer-S - 20’’ x 4.0’’ Snow Fat Tires Folding Ebike with Full Suspension, 48V/12AH Removable Battery Electric Bicycle with Shimano 8-Speed, Dual Hydraulic Brakes

DUAL SHOCK ABSORBER SYSTEM - Full suspension fat tires ebike keep you in control and comfortable over rugged terrain. TESGO adult electric bike equipped with an ultralight magnesium alloy front fork and four-bar linkage soft rear suspension which is increased stability in the bumps and while descending. Push your riding to the next level and enjoy the benefits of better control, improved traction, and more comfort than ever.

POWERFUL 750-WATT MOTOR - With 750W high-speed brushless motor, as well as 70 NM of torque, the max speed can be up to 30 mph. 750-Watt fat tire electric bikes scream versatility, and the 750W electric motor provides an effortless experience. Whether you want to ride over sand, snow, mud, rugged mountain trails, or flat pavements for daily commute to work, our e-bike can handle them all.

576WH REMOVABLE BATTERY - Equipped with a 48V 12AH large-capacity battery will give you enough range to fulfill your needs. Charging for 6 hours each time, the battery can work 28-37miles in pure electric mode and 43-55miles in PAS mode. Removable and hidden in the frame that locks with a quick-release lock. Keep it safely stored, or take it out and recharge at home or office, or on the e-bike directly. Note: Please turn on the battery before riding.

ALL TERRAINS SNOW FAT TIRES - As a fat tire electric bike, it has 4 inches plus wide tires. The voluminous tires offer greater stability, traction, and a smoother riding experience. Fat tire design has more contact with the ground, so fat tire electric bike does not slip on wet ground and neither does they sink in mud or snow. In addition, our fat tire e-bike is also combined with fenders which are perfect for keeping the rain off of your back while riding.

MORE BRAKE STOPPING POWER - 20’’ rims with fat tires will make sure that you won’t have to worry about the trail you’re going to ride and yet you’ll know that you’re safe as dual hydraulic disc brakes will ensure ideal stopping powing in both dry and wet conditions. So our electric bike equipped with dual hydraulic disc brake system, provide strong braking ability. Power off function immediately when you brake, protect your riding safety.

INFORMATIVE LCD DISPLAY - Having your battery run out of juice because you got carried away off-roading, is not something you’d want. Therefore, it is important for your e-bike to have a good LCD display so you can constantly keep a check on your battery life. Plus, you can also monitor how fast you’re going, alongside other cool features: how much distance you’ve covered, and the amount of pedal assist you’re using, etc.

Discover a whole new way to ride. Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute and cruise through the city, or aim to extend your road or mountain bike rides. Ride farther, ride faster, and amp up the fun factor with an electric bike from TESGO.
  • The more powerful 750W motor ensures full e-performance uphill and together with the integrated 576Wh battery, top speed up to 30 mph(48 km/h), you’re not to run out of breath on long climbs.
  • With a full suspension and four-inch-wide tires, HUMMER-S broadens the types of terrain on which you can ride your folding e-bike, such as sand, dirt, snow, and gravel. And the thumb throttle gives you the option of not pedaling at all.
  • The extra features the 8-speed Shimano gears the front & rear 180mm hydraulic disc brakes. In combination with the pedal-assist system, you can adjust a suitable speed to complete your journey.
  • The folding design makes it easy to take along wherever you go. Fold the stem, the pedals, and the frame in half.
  • Gear up for an adventure! The TESGO rear rack allows riders to carry gear, use pannier bags, and take the weight off their back and add it to the bike, capable of carrying up to 55lb(25kg), there are so many possibilities.
With the ALL-TERRAINS TESGO HUMMER-S FAT TIRES ELECTRIC BIKE you choose, you can be assured that the adventure is just beginning and you’ll be able to explore more than ever before.

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