Shengmilo MX20 Electric Bike 500W 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Shengmilo MX20 Electric Bike 500W 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Beach Cruiser Bike Booster Bike 48v Lithium Battery Folding Mens Women's ebike

Frame: Aluminum alloy.
Size: 20 inches
Motor: 500W.
Battery: 48V 15AH
Charging time: 5 hours.
Electric mode: 30-40km.
Power mileage: 50-60km.
Speed: up to 40km/h
Riding mode: electric mode + assist mode + manpower mode.
LCD meter: display total mileage, power, speed, headlights on, error prompts, etc.
Brakes: dual disc brakes.
Transmission: 7-speed Shimano.
Suspension: shock-absorbing front fork, which locks the front fork when passing through flat roads/up and down slopes; opens when passing through gravel roads/mountain roads
Controller: Intelligent brushless controller.
Tires: 20X4.0 inches.
Torque: 56NxM.
Climbing ability: 30°.
Weight: 28kg.
Expanded size-170 x 65 x 110 cm
Folded size-95 x 37 x 75 cm
Packing size-94 x 78 x 46 cm
Suggested height size: 165-200CM.

Shengmilo MX20 is a small folding electric bicycle with 20-inch all-terrain tires, which can not only conquer rugged mountains, but also walk easily on snow and beach.
Intelligent controller,Highly integrated control elements Transmission rate is higher than industry.Can quickly accept motor, sensor, battery, meter, combined switch transmission signals, effectively reduce energy loss, increase battery life, improve the accuracy of power display.
500W high speed brushless motor, climbing up to 35°, high magnetic steel skills, high temperature resistance and non-demagnetization, imported PA54 raw reduction gear, no deformation when the torque reaches 75N•M
Detachable battery lithium ion battery 48 V*15 AH, when charging can be removed or directly placed on the bicycle charging. pure electric mode can be about 40 km; Auxiliary mode is about 50 km. It can be fully charged in 5-7 hours. It comes with a 3-year battery life, 180 days warranty, and 1,500 charge cycles.
The HD LCD meter provides the rider with basic information: remaining battery life, total distance traveled, current speed, selected assist level, headlight on prompt, error code, etc.
XOD oil disc brake: electric bicycle adopts domestic well-known XOD hydraulic oil brake, brake feeling and stability greatly improved, higher safety.
Aluminum alloy frame: aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame, light weight, corrosion resistance. Advanced fish scale technology, tight welding. Triangular structure conforms to mechanical design, good compression performance, can withstand higher weight.
Shimano 7-speed transmission system: professional transmission kit, easy to change gears, each tower wheel after thermal standard treatment, high hardness, and positioning chain overall collocation, transmission light and not stuck, make the whole transmission system more stable
26x4.0 professional mountain bike tires: the wider the tire surface, the larger the adhesion surface, can reduce bumps, can withstand the impact of 1000W motor, as comfortable as a car. It can conquer any road, including mountain road, road, gravel road, snow.
Rechargeable LED taillight, which can be recharged after use, providing better safety at night. Two modes: single press to open constant light mode, long press to open flicker mode.
Electric Accelerator:the ergonomic design of the bicycle half handlebar set has a lower failure rate and is non-slip,fully cooperate with your every acceleration start

Widened and thickened shelves: high strength and high carbon steel material, light and tireless, can be used for transportation and manned, bearing up to 150KG.

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