SAMEBIKE XWC05 750W Electric Bikes for Adults EBike

SAMEBIKE XWC05 750W Electric Bikes for Adults Up to 65 Miles EBike 4.0" Fat Tire Electric Bike 25 Mph

750W BLDC MOTOR A whisper-quiet motor (1000 Watts peak output) delivers the power in acceleration and climbing hills. It's not just taking you forward, but more like pushing you. Stabler, smoother!

48V 13AH BATTERY The detachable battery is lighter than a two-month-old husky. Advanced technology is applied to the battery. SAMEBIKE electric bikes use lithium-ion cells as electric cars. You can ride it around the city for 55- 65 miles with pedals.

PREMIUM QUALITY You will have the biggest bang for your buck. Shimano 7 gears, disc brakes, LCD display, thumb throttle, rear suspension, electric horn... Each component makes your riding easy and funny.

BREATHTAKING PERFORMANCE 6061 aluminum alloy frame & 20"*4" CST Fat tires, fit every family adult member. Here are the feelings it brings: easy to operate, comfortable to ride, exhilarating to enjoy.

BUY AT AMAZON - SAMEBIKE XWC05 750W Electric Bikes for Adults Up to 65 Miles EBike 4.0" Fat Tire Electric Bike 25 Mph

Seeing is believing. Only when you have ridden it can you know how awesome it is!
Shocking torque! You can feel the bike is pushing you forward when in acceleration or uphill. This is an experience you don’t have at all on a traditional bicycle.

The 624 Wh large capacity battery increases the cruising range by 50%. It meets the needs of daily riding, and bids farewell to frequently charging. You can ride at high speeds with just one thumb, or easily pedal. It allows you to get a good exercise experience and not over-stress your knees.

Just like the dashboard of a car, our electric bike is equipped with a display. It can record various data of your bike in real-time. Battery level, riding speed, riding distance, etc. Moreover, the operation is simple, you can adjust some parameters to fit you more!

As an electric bike, electronic gadgets are also essential! The electronic horn and bright headlight will escort your trip.

The 4-inch tires with ultra-wide treads, in addition to increasing the load capacity of the bike, have the greater advantage of allowing you to easily pass through different terrains, including cement roads, asphalt roads, dirt roads, mud roads, sand roads, and even snowfield. To a certain extent, it can act as a city commuter, cruiser, MTB, off-road bike, snow bike and other roles, bringing you a variety of unique experiences.

Riding on different terrains will inevitably encounter a lot of bumps. To improve riding comfort, in addition to the cushion has a shock absorption effect, we also use the air fork. It can greatly reduce the bumps and make the riding smoother.

The most basic 7-speed transmission system, but the quality is not ordinary. We choose SHIMANO. It allows you to adjust different gears in different terrains to increase riding comfort. You can also choose different gears to achieve different riding effects. Just choose the one that fits you!

Ebikes are fast. To ensure riding safety and respond to emergencies, a sensitive braking system is particularly critical. The front and rear disc brake systems are sensitive and powerful to achieve fast braking. Intelligent braking! When you squeeze the brake levers, the electric motor will stop output.

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