Royce Union RTE 26” Electric Mountain Bike Available

Royce Union RTE 26” Electric Mountain Bike, 20MPH, Matte Black, 8 Speed 

Performance: 350W mid-drive electric motor provides 4 levels of pedal assist up to 20 mph; aluminum hardtail mountain bike frame offers improved handling

Premium Drivetrain: 8 speed trigger shifter and rear derailleur offer comfortable gearing for climbing hills and cruising down the trail

Style: Matte Black frame with stylish Royce Union graphics and black 26" wheels; front headlight improves rider visibility during the day and night

Comfort & Control: Front suspension fork keeps the front wheel planted on the trail, front and rear disc brakes offer precise speed control; padded ATB saddle; handlebar bell included

Technology: 4 pedal assist modes; LCD display shows speed, battery level, and more; 36V Samsung lithium battery is removable and lockable; USB charging port

Buy now - Royce Union RTE 26” Electric Mountain Bike, 20MPH, Matte Black, 8 Speed

350 Watt Mid-Drive Electric Motor
The mid-drive electric motor provides 4 levels of power assist up to 20 miles per hour. Cover more ground and extend your riding time.
Electronic Display
The electronic display provides information about speed, battery level, mileage, and e-assist mode.
8-Speed Drivetrain
Premium rear derailleur ensures smooth shifting and comfortable 8-speed gearing to help you tackle hills on the trail.

Bright LED Headlight
RTE features a bright LED headlight to light the way and increase rider visibility. Turn it on and off using the LCD display.
Simple Controls
Use the simple buttons on the left handlebar to control the electronic components of the bicycle and select e-assist levels. A handlebar bell is included!
Lockable Battery
The lockable battery provides peace of mind when the e bike is not in use. The USB charging port makes charging the battery easy. Charge the battery on the bike, or remove the battery and take it inside to charge.
Disc Brakes
Dual disc brakes ensure that riders can come to a controlled stop quickly and precisely.

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