POLARNA Electric Bike for Adults 20" ebike 750W Motor Fat Tire Electric Bike

POLARNA Electric Bike for Adults 20" ebike Full Suspension 750W Motor Fat Tire Electric Bike Mountain Beach Snow Bike 48V 12.8Ah Removable Battery 32MPH

GDSEBIKE=POLARNA We are the same team. Because GDSEBIKE needs to be repositioned, we launched a new brand of POLARNA. The configuration and quality of the bicycle are the same as before. You can buy it with confidence.

14.5Ah removable battery Equipped with powerful power, of course, a large-capacity battery is needed. This electric bike is equipped with 14.5Ah large-capacity battery. It can work 60miles in pure electric mode and 100miles in power-assisted mode. The battery of e bike is designed to be removable. You can charge at home, office, restaurant, etc. where there is a socket.The battery can be fully charged in 5-7 hours.

Double Disc Hydraulic Brake System This fat tire electric bicycle is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, and adopts hydraulic brakes to make the braking effect better. Hydraulic brakes can make the braking effect more linear without a sudden feeling, and feel better and more advanced .

Intelligent Color LED Multi-function Display GDSEBIKE provides 5 levels of electric pedal assistance, and the intelligent color display provides a digital display that can provide accurate power, speed, and travel distance. The display is also equipped with a USB port, you can use it when your mobile device needs to be charged.

Ergonomic Design The frame of the whole vehicle is made of 100% aluminum alloy, and the front fork is made of more advanced magnesium alloy. The body is not only made of classic triangles, but also mid-mounted shock absorbers only used in high-end models. This e bike will have a better sense of comfort during riding than other bicycles. Shimano's 8-speed transmission allows you to ride as you wish.

Powerful & Energy Saving POLARNA Ebike is equipped with a 750W brushless motor, 60N.M torque can climb a slope of 15-20 degrees. The maximum speed can reach 35MPH, and it is equipped with the E-PAS energy-saving system independently developed by GDSEBIKE. When the bicycle slides and goes downhill, And convert it into electric energy to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

GDSEBIKE provides a 1000LBS/IN central shock absorber, which can increase comfort on rugged roads, so the comfort is no longer only in the city but also in the wild.
Bring your own rack with a maximum load of 150 pounds. You can bring some luggage, or some food, water for a picnic, and even your fishing gear. Ride this electric bicycle to go wherever you want.

Finger pressure throttle, keep away from the danger of rotary throttle. Just use the left thumb to press lightly to drive the electric bicycle.

Level 8 gear. You can use different speed ratios according to different road conditions, making you more effortless when riding.

Don’t be afraid that your phone is out of power. With a USB charging port, you won’t miss any calls, messages, or beautiful scenery on the road.

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