PAESELEC Electric Mountain Bikes Online Order

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults 27.5'' Electric Bicycle, Hydraulic Brakes, 500W Ebike with13ah Removable Lithium Battery Moped Cycle, Full Suspension E-MTB, Professional 9-Speed Gears

INTELLIGENT POWER SYSTEM - From the automotive hybrid technology ,to achieve the perfect combination of power and physical fitness.Power fast drive, cut off is also very sensitve.Through the torque sensor as the core of the triple sensor to perceive your power and the state of the vehicle .At the same time through the bionics algorthm,high-speed calculation of your riding power and the required power to mobilize the motor in time to drive power drive.
Powerful 500W motor - Fully enclosed waterproof and dustproof IP5 .Maximum speed up to 25-28mph. Equip with the 5 power assist level 1-5, supply the Stronger and Stronger power and respond at any time,to meet your every acceleration. Professional 8-speed shifter, Full-aluminum prowheel crankset and chain, making the overall transmission system smooth and durable.
INTELLIGENT BATTERY CONTROL SYSTEM - PASELEC Electric Bicycle provides a 48V 13AH large capacity battery offers strong climbing and acceleration capabilities, assisted travel of up to 50 miles per charge. 8 charging protection provide rational management of lithium batteries to protect the battery safety and long service life. Anti-theft lock and Waterproof mode ,no worry for being stolen.

PASELEC GS9 is a high-quality eMTB that was designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, comes with 27.5” wheels, a 13ah battery, a 100 mm fork and 40 mm travel at the rear.The motor and battery is seamlessly integrated into the frame ,achieve fully closed waterproof and dustproof IP5 level. Besides being very powerful, the motor features a progressive Smart Assist mode, which dynamically adjusts the support level to suit the riding situation and thereby making it unnecessary to shift gears in flat terrain. We tested the GS9 around our headquarters and put it through its paces on dry as well as very rainy days, GS9 never blocks you, whether it's off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow and beaches.

A real eye-catcher EMTB
A work of art! With its slim silhouette and distinctive frame shape, the GS9 PRO is a real eye-catcher ! Round shapes and smooth transitions – the frame is well thought out and beautifully styled down to the smallest detail.

New suspension Frame Design
Upgrade Compact Structure- Comparable to the unparalleled comfort and adaptability of Professional mountain bikes. Equipped with 27.5-inch*2.4’’ anti-slip wheels and an improved FOUR-LINK Aluminum alloy frame, Front Lock-out and Rear AIRE Saddle Suspension(F: 100mm R: 40mm) Pass smoother even on complicated and bumpy roads. Incredible mountain adventure and city commute riding.

Powerful 500w Motor
Fully enclosed waterproof and dustproof IP5 .Maximum speed up to 28 mph in pure electric mode .Strong power ,respond at any time,to meet your every acceleration. It makes sense to activate the climb mode as you ride uphill, otherwise, the rear suspension tends to wallow when things get steep, further slackening the seat tube angle. Thanks to the powerful 500w motor, the eMTB climbs with ease and excels in technical terrain. With its agile handling, even hairpin bends don’t pose a problem and the eMTB mode is excellent at keeping the bike’s momentum going through rough terrain.

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