HIMO C26 Electric Bicycle 250W high speed motor 48V battery Ebike

HIMO C26 Travel Power-assisted bicycle 48V hidden lithium battery 250w high speed motor Tektro brake electric bicycle

Removable 48V/10Ah Lithium Battery
The battery is equipped with 10Ah of power for lasting energy output and the ability to ride 100km on one charge. Travel freely from the city to the countryside and beyond.
Charge it wherever you want!

250W DC Brushless Motor
HIMO C26’s advanced High-efficiency DC Brushless Motor is powerful enough to ride completely pedal-free if you so choose, but also dynamic enough to enable a variety of riding options! Each acceleration level is a unique travel experience. The rear-hub motor provides the traction you need no matter the environment.

Aluminum Alloy Frame
Aluminum frame – E-biking is now breezier than ever before thanks to HIMO C26’s modern aerodynamic frame. Our frame underwent extensive road-friendliness testing and received a 3C safety rating. HIMO C26’s aluminum frame is ergonomically designed to be both lightweight and durable for increased riding efficiency, mobility, and safety.

Shimano 7-Speed
HIMO C26 is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed Transmission System for fast and reliable gear adjustment. Select the best gear for the job and experience C26’s light, effortless riding.

LED Front Light
High-powered LED headlights for awesome night-time rides.
The HD display is readily equipped to handle the harshest of weather conditions! HIMO C26’s monitor has received an IPX7 waterproof rating for outstanding resistance to the elements.

Tail Light
Rear reflector is the perfect tail light.
The vacuum foam seat provides great cushioning and the integrated molding provides long-ride comfort!
With the slick yet grippy tires, the C26 will really take you wherever you want to go, however you want to get there!

IPX7 Waterproof LCD Screen
HIMO C26’s Crystal Clear Display conveys useful riding data to help users navigate and ride more efficiently. We’ve extensively checked, refined, and calibrated our Real-time Performance Analysis system to create a more personalized e-biking experience. C26’s intuitive interface enables swift navigation and switching between gears and modes for a more enjoyable e-ride.

HIMO C26 Electric Bicycle 250W high speed motor 48V battery Ebike

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