Heybike Race Electric Bike Available

Heybike Race Electric Bike Light Weight 26" Commuter Electric Mountain Bike with 40 Miles Long Range, 350W Brushless Motor, Shimano 7-Speed and Front Fork Suspension, Urban Electric Bicycle for Adults

LIGHT WEIGHT GEOMETRY FRAME - A sturdy high-step commuter style electric bike offering clean, and sleek appearance and less than 48.5 lbs weight for city riders craving more excitement and utility than your average bike.

COMBINATION OF FEATURES AND VALUE - With detachable 36V, 10Ah battery, the Race allows riders to travel up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist. 350w brushless geared motor provides reliable support and 20 mph top speed.

SAFETY & DURABILITY - Race comes standard with puncture resistant 26” tires, dual lights and Both brakes have motor inhibitors to cut power instantly when stopping, which makes your commuting journey more steady and reliable.

UPGRADE YOUR COMMUTING- With all the benefits of Shimano 7-speed, front fork suspension and a large, practical LCD display. Race lets you get across town like never before.

3 WORKING MODES- Breeze around without the need to pedal at all when using the throttle function or, if you fancy pedaling, kick in one of the three different levels of pedal assist to help you get where you're going without breaking a sweat.

350W Brushless Geared Motor
The geared hub motor provides more torque from standstill and for climbing with smooth acceleration and less noise. Use a high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor, which makes starting and stopping more predictable.

Removable 360Wh Modular battery
With 36V/10AH large capacity battery, max travel range up to 25 miles under pure electric mode and 40 miles in pedal assisted mode. Quick removable modular battery let you can charge the battery pack on or off the frame.

Light Weight Geometry Frame
Featuring a sturdy high-step frame equipped with beautiful aerodynamic tube profiles with internal electrical cable routes. The enhanced ergonomics and improved handling promise a smoother, more confident ride

Easy Bike Controls
We’ve made it easy to control your E-bike. With three levels of pedal assist and a throttle at your finger tips, it’s never been so easeful to get around. Plus, the practical display always lets you know how much farther you can go.
Dependable stopping power that you can rely on, thanks to dual-disc brakes that you can adjust to your liking.

Dual Lights
Comes with integrated headlight and independent brake light. The headlight offers four bright center beam to keep you seen, while the rear light offers two colors solid, flashing, and alternate mode which you can choose

Front Fork Suspension
Benefited by front suspension fork with lockout and preload, Race offer a smooth and comfortable ride. You'll have excellent riding posture and will not want to stop the fun.

Shimano 7-Speed
Customize your ride performance with Shimano 7-Speed. A wider range of gearing at your disposal mean more torque for treacherous uphill climb and maintain pedal authority at top speed. The cogs are nickel coated, which makes them rust resistant and a lot smoother to shift.

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