DJ Mountain Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

DJ Mountain Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle, Matte Black, LED Bike Light, Fork Suspension and Shimano Gear

Mountain Bike paves the way for fun and adventure
DJ Mountain Bike is an Amazon's Choice awarded electric bike built with high-quality mainstream components. The bike is powerful, affordable, durable, quiet, clean looking, easy to use and can bring you tons of fun! This performs perfectly through the city or on light off-road trails with an integrated front headlight and suspension to absorb shocks. Whether you are a commuter, senior, casual rider or sports fan, this is the bike built for everyone.

Powerful Bafang rated watt 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor

Samsung or LG brand cells Lithium-ion 48V 13Ah, 624Wh, removable battery pack with battery lock, under seat

Charging System
120-240V with LED light status display

LCD Display
King Meter - backlit LCD display that shows pedal assist level, remaining battery life, speed indicator, local time, top riding speed, riding distance, etc. Tells you everything you need to know at a glance while exploring your turf

Maintenance-free Bafang geared brushless hub motor
"Maintenance-free, powerful maximum 80 Nm of torque, Bafang geared brushless hub motor will allow you to span more terrain, climb hills, and explore further with ease"
High quality Samsung or LG battery cells with compatible charger
"48V 13Ah high quality, long-lasting Samsung or LG battery cells with UL compatible chargers. USB port for your Smart phone! Twist the key and bring your battery in to charge"
Quality brand Shimano derailleur and gears
"Quality brand Shimano derailleur and gear shifting system is a useful feature for riders who like to pedal, extend their e-bike's range, and travel over hilly terrain"
Pedal assist (five levels) & thumb throttle
"5 level pedal assist is a bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in the pedal stroke. The easy-to-access thumb throttle provides 750W of power on-demand"

Quick release shock absorbing comfortable adjustable seats
"Enjoy long rides with this height adjustable, padded seat with shocks for added comfort"
All accessories included, including front & rear fenders
"At DJ, you never pay more for accessories like fenders, bells, etc. Our prices include everything you see"
Preload adjustment suspension fork
"The lockout and preload adjustment controls allow riders to choose the "ride feel" they like best and make the fork spongier when riding on a rough road or trail surface for a smoother, more comfortable ride"
Quality tires (puncture resistant coming soon
"Long-lasting all-purpose tires with high quality compounds for a smooth, steady riding experience"

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