ShengMilo Electric Bike M60 Plus Mountain Ebike

Shengmilo Electric Bike M60 Plus Mountain Ebike 500W Men's Bicycle 27.5Inch Outdoor For Beach MTB 48V17AH Sport Cycling Snowbike

500W * 48V * 17Ah
48V * 500W brushless motor, powerful performance will add fun to your trip. The MAX speed of the engine is 40 km / h and the climbing ability can reach 30° in common road condition. The motor has a speed limiting function (20 km / h to 40 km / h optional) .48V * 17Ah Li battery can meet your riding needs if you are cycling in a long-distance. Battery supports over 900 recharge cycle.

The aluminum alloy frame is the frame is made of durable 6061 ALUMINUM alloy, which is light and strong. Hydraulic disc brakes make your riding trip safe, 27.5x2.10 inch tires can make driving more stable to suit all road conditions such as snow, road, beach and MTB mountain. The strong high strength steel suspension fork and 7 speed shift system can give you a comfortable and safe ride.

1) Pedal Assist Mode: The Motor Assist will assist you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the bike. In this mode you can stick 60-90km (based on the weight of the load) before charging. 
2) Fully electric mode: twist the throttle in every step from power you desire to power the motor of the bike. In its mode, it has over 30-40km range. 
3) Manual mode: Pedal the bike Usually like any bike.

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